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C (powered by SmartGuy800)  is the most advanced lead generation system for real estate agents ever created. After 20 years and over 10,000 members, we know exactly what real estate agents need to do to operate more efficiently and earn more money in less time!

24/7 Real-time statistics allow you to operate at maximum efficiency. All leads are also tracked on 8 real time reports, allowing you to track calls by area Code,  Date, Hour, Listing, 
Marketing Source, Result of the Caller, Marketing Effectiveness, Average Call Length, and much  and more...

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No matter what business you are in: real estate, mortgage, insurance, law, or your own home-based business, the transfer of information between you and your customers is critical. Your success is based on how quickly your business can track, respond to, and identify new opportunities...


Watch the 2 minute VIDEO is the MOST ADVANCED virtual phone system ever created! Within 2 minuntes, you can have your very own nationwide 800 number with recorded information, multiple extensions, direct connects, notifications, ad tracking, and call capture.

​Automatically capture the time, date, marketing source, topic of interest and phone number of every caller, even if they hang up without saying a word! Get this information INSTANTLY via SMS to your phone, email or via any of our 8 real time reports!  Click HERE to see how it works!

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Get your own nationwide 800 number integrated with advanced SMS/Text messaging integration, 24/7 real-time reports, built-in ad tracking & more...