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No matter what business you are in: real estate, mortgage, insurance, law, or your own home-based business, the transfer of information between you and your customers is critical. Your success is based on how quickly your business can track, respond to, and identify new opportunities.

Have you ever seen signs or print advertisement offering “Free 24 Hour Recorded Information”? This call capture technology trend is growing fast. Here's why:
  • People call 3-4 times as often when the call is free, available 24 hours a day, and recorded (non-confrontational)
  • Some of the main reasons for loosing leads: (1) you are not in the office, (2) you couldn’t pick up the phone, (3) the caller just hangs up, (4) someone wrote down the wrong message, or (5) someone else took the lead (6) etc…etc…
In fact, 30-40% of calls are placed between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m., when agents typically are not even reachable.

The solution? call capture system. You will get a special toll free number to place on your signs, brochure boxes, flyers, mailers, newspaper/ magazine ads, website, etc. (there is no hardware, software or phone lines to install – you can be up and running in minutes) .

Your clients will call your 800 number and hear your recorded advertisement. Afterwards, they can select to directly connect to you, leave you a voice mail message, or get faxed information.

But here is the best part! Anytime anyone calls, you will be informed within seconds (via pager, text messaging on your cell phone, email or faxed report) telling you which property was called and the callers phone number, whether the caller remembers to leave their number or not (even if they have called ID blocking, an unlisted number, or are calling from most cellular phones!) They key is you will never lose a lead again.

Sign up today and try call capture and lead generation system free for 15 days.